Deodorant is one of the major hygienic means of nowadays. Has it happened to you to rush out of the house in the morning and forget about deodorant, and your armpits start smelling bad?But, probably never thought that you can use it for many other purposes, and not just under the armpits.

Many women complain about fungal infections under their breasts. Damp, warm skin folds may invite such problems, which is why some people have turned in desperation to using an antiperspirant to dry the area. This is why you are recommended to apply a little bit of your deodorant on this area and thus prevent sweating and itching. This is a great idea and for many other places on the body where sweat often causes problems like:

  • remove zits
  • keep  your sunglasses from sliding
  • prevent hair from sticking
  • fit into tight jeans
  • avoid discoloration of clothing
  • prevent nocturnal sweat outbreaks
  • prevent your feet from smelling
  • prevent razor burn

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