Nowadays, constipation has turned to be a common aspect. It is not even considered as a disorder. Why is that, no significance is given to the defecation rules? Don’t you think that defecation is not given much importance when compared to the importance given to the intake of food? When we are conscious enough to clean the outer body daily by taking bath, don’t you think the same cleanliness is needed for the inside of the body?  Is it not important for the body to throw away those wastes and hazardous toxins out of the body?

What you will learn:

  • The mains causes of constipation.
  • Tips on how to avoid hard motion.
  • The best remedies for constipation.
  • The best natural laxatives you can use.


Constipation is nothing but an irregularity in the digestive system, which results in a difficulty to eliminating feces on a daily basis. One may suffer from a painful defecation. In chronic conditions, one would suffer bleeding with feces.Some of the causes of constipation are dietary reasons, side effects of the drugs that we use, hormonal imbalances, anatomical conditions of the body, other disorders in the functioning of the body or might be due to illness.

Do we know that roughage is the one important component needed for a proper bowel movement? Yes, we do. Do we know that fruits and raw vegetables contain an enormous amount of roughage, which animal food does not contain? Yes, we do. But the thing is, what we know, we do not practice.

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