Everyone is guilty of it sometimes, but giving in to emotional eating is a dangerous habit. While you may feel better in the moment, you’re actually abusing your body and giving yourself a reason to feel guilty later – and that’s not real comfort!

Reacting to your mood likely leads to the following:

  • You overeat.
  • You eat foods loaded with fat and sugar.
  • You put your short-term comfort before your long-term health.
  • You don’t listen to your body when it’s telling you your full.

Being out of control of your emotions probably means:

  • You avoid thinking about stressful things, even if you need to.
  • You don’t talk about problems, even though that can help.
  • You resist forgiving others and hold a grudge against yourself.
  • You use food to compensate for unresolved emotions and unsolved problems.

Your self-image may also dictate your bad eating habits:

  • You don’t really feel proud and worthy.
  • You resist compliments from others as untruthful or insincere.
  • You focus mostly on your mistakes.
  • Your lack of confidence may discourage you from even trying…so you give up easily.

Ouch! Is this hitting too close to home? Can you see why comfort eating is such a widespread problem? Just thinking about the real issues you’re facing probably makes you want to reach for something sweet, gooey and sinful…but hold that thought!

Detox Your Emotions Before Reaching For Food

One of the most useful lessons in yoga is self-control: Control of breathing, movement, and thought. With practice, resistance becomes easier. Ultimately, you need to address the underlying issues and emotions that lead you to dangerous comfort eating.

  • Stop before you eat.
  • Analyze the wisdom of your food choices.
  • See the guilt you’ll feel (if you eat that!) and opt for something better.
  • Practice more control in meditation and learn to slow down your decision-making process.
  • Acknowledge the emotional burdens you carry and aim to resolve them – the right way!

Once you develop a healthier relationship with your inner emotions, you can start a better relationship with food. Your eating habits will start to change for the better, giving you a boost in self-confidence with every bite.

It’s not until you address the underlying causes of your comfort eating, though, that you’ll really start to make any progress. Don’t feel alone in your plight to control emotional eating, as millions of other people are in similar situations where their health, weight, energy, and self-confidence are being compromised by a cupcake.

You will determine the real causes of your reliance on comfort food and you will get it under control. Thereafter, you can expect a lot of things in your life to fall into places, such as blood sugar levels, metabolic function, weight management and more. It all begins on the inside, however, usually in a deep and hidden place; it is there that you will find the keys to unlocking your better, healthier self.

Despite the name, “comfort eating” is actually very distressing. It keeps you in a perpetual prison of guilt, self-loathing and ultimately, failure. Which naturally makes you want to comfort yourself…with something to eat! This vicious cycle should make you feel very uncomfortable indeed and start today, you’re going to do something about it.

Source: http://nowskinny.com

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