When you sleep you are the most honest. Your subconscious takes over and you can’t fake your body language. The sleeping position can describe your relationship with your partner.

  1. Opposite sides:This position means that you both need space in your relationship. If it happens occasionally, then you just need a good sleep.
  2. The crab:

    You have different needs and like different things. One lacks space and the other needs intimacy.

  3. On his shoulder:

    This means she is dependent on him and she needs to learn how to live without him.

  4. Face to face:

    The “pillow talk” position expresses good contact and conversation partners have.

  5. The romantic position:

    When a relationship is fresh, a woman can sleep with her head on his chest.

  6. Lover’s tie:

    When partners stay face to face with their legs intertwined, it means they are independent and intimate.

  7. He is the little spoon:

    If your partner sleeps in this position, it means that he needs care and love.

  8. She is the little spoon:

    This means her partner protects her and loves her.

  9. Back to back:

    This means partners and comfortable in their relationship.

  10. Back to back, not touching:

    You love each other and you sure have a connection, but you are also independent.

    So, in which of these situations do you find yourself?

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