“Thunder thighs” is a term no woman wants to hear. Sometimes, it doesn’t even take someone else to say anything… it merely takes chafed legs to tell you that it’s time to hit the gym again. Let’s get comfortable in those gorgeous legs again, ladies. These three exercises for inner and outer thighs will work to both tones and elongate those muscles.

1. Side Lunge with Glider: Grab your gliders! If you don’t have this equipment, don’t worry. You can use a paper plate, plastic lid or dish towel instead! This move is excellent for toning your glutes and thighs, so get gliding!

2. Weighted Leg Circles: This is a famous Pilates move that has stuck around for its effectiveness. Who knew drawing circles could be so effective? We like to add ankle weights to make this more challenge, but feel free to skip them.

3. Lying Double Leg Lift: This is an amazing move for toning your thighs because it targets both the inside and outside muscles of your upper leg. It’s effective and easy to do at or the gym.

Source: http://womanista.com

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