If you constantly feel pressure, redness and irritation in the eye, you probably suffer from eye infection or chalazion cyst on eyelid which is usually caused by inflammation of the gland. The common way to get rid of this unwelcome cyst is a surgical procedure, which can be painful. For that reason, we suggest you try the natural way for their removal which is much easier.

What do you suppose to do?

First, you should boil water and put enough salt in the water to avoid burning.

Let it become cooler at a room temperature, and then drop the liquid into the eye.

Keep water in the eye for one minute, then repeat the process several times during the day.

Within 24 hours, your eye will not be irritated and the cyst will be cured.

This medicine is excellent, and it improves the proper hygiene of the eyelid.

Source: www.healthylifehealthyfood.com

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