Give that chin a thorough workout

You probably didn’t know that there are double chin exercises you can do to tighten up your neck and lose that fat.

And these double chin exercises are pretty simple and anyone can find the time to work them into their day.

Try a few of the facial exercises below to lose the fat and reduce double chin appearance.

Your posture actually has a very significant effect on the appearance of your double chin. By having good posture, you’ll be making your exercises more effective.

To improve your posture, stand tall as if invisible strings are gently lifting you by your rib cage or sternum.

Or, if you are sitting, sit upright. Keep your head up, but don’t stretch out your neck. Lift your chin a little higher than normal so you feel some pull but it isn’t too tight.

If you keep this posture while you do chin exercises, they’ll be more effective.

Tilt Your Head
One exercise you can do easily is to tilt your head while lying down (such as when you’re sleeping).

Lie on your side, and as you lay your head down, tilt your head back so your chin is stretched out a little bit. You don’t want to crane your neck back; just tilt your chin up and head back just a little.

You should be comfortable enough so you could sleep in this position.

Eventually, you’ll train your body to naturally go to this position while you sleep, keeping your throat open and clear while making a difference on your double chin.

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