In the lives of many people, natural medicine has become a respected place. And it was found that natural remedies are much more effective and that is why more and more people make the switch from conventional medicine to natural medicine.

This recipe has gained a lot of fame in this type of medicine.

This is old German recipe that combines three powerful ingredients: garlic, lemon, and ginger. These ingredients are very good for individual health and when combined in a single remedy, we can achieve wonders.

Garlic contain antiseptic , antibacterial and antiviral properties and contain Alicia, a substance beneficial to health. Garlic abound in vitamin C, B6, manganese and fiber.

Ginger is a natural source of antioxidants useful for reducing inflammation, pain, digestive problems and more. Lemon, is full of vitamin C and has alkaline properties, that regulate the pH level in the body.

The old German recipe

  • Lemons (4 units).
  • Water (2 liters).
  • Garlic (4 heads).
  • Ginger (4 cm / 1.5 in).

First, you need to wash the lemons and ginger very well, chopping the lemons into slices. After that peel the garlic and ginger and pour all the ingredients into a blender. Until a homogeneous substance is obtained they will be liquefied.

Pour this mixture into a pot and heat it and slowly add the water and let it boil. Leave it cool, filter it and throw in a bottle, taking it to the refrigerator.

We must take 1 glass in fasting every morning of this substance. Ingest it 2 hours before going to sleep. In a very short time, our arteries will be like new, without the fat that obstructs them. Our blood pressure will also be regulated and stabilized.

You need to shake the drink well before taking it so you can enjoy all its benefits. Your blood pressure is no longer a problem for you. You should take this syrup and you will feel like new. In case you liked this information, share it on your social.

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