Alcohol detox is the process that is subjected to any alcohol dependent who wants to stop drinking. There are medications that help prevent withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking alcohol. The most commonly used drug for detoxification is chlordiazepoxide. This is a medication that contains benzodiazepine.

Alcohol detox with the help of your doctor in Alcohol Rehab Centers

Many doctors are relieved when prescribing alcohol detox medications. The most commonly used plan is as follows:

  • The family doctor will prescribe a high dose of medication for the first day you stop drinking alcohol.
  • Then reduce it gradually over the next 5 to 7 days. Usually, this medication avoids or greatly reduces the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.
  • You must promise not to drink any alcohol when you finish the detoxification process. Breath tests are used to confirm that you are not drinking. There are different previous rehab questions.
  • Your doctor or nurse will usually visit you very often during the time of detoxification.

Physical Effects of the Alcohol Medical Detox Process

Some people get it easily enough, while others find it harder. Some symptoms following the alcohol detox process are:

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