I always say that your body is your temple and whenever something is wrong, its guards will give you a warning. This time we are going to pay attention to what warnings your hands give when something is not right.

You are probably confused right now, and you never pay attention to the pure pain in your hands. If you get closer and look what’s going on inside your body, you will be healthier and stronger.

That tingling you feel in some areas of your hands could indicate a bigger problem.

This, and six other important warnings follow now:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

It’s a condition that starts with the thumb, index finger and middle finger. The cause for it is constantly repeated the action as part of your job or lifestyle. You are going to notice how the tendons swell and cause numbness in your hands.


If your job or daily routines require lifting heavy items you are going to feel the fatigue in your hands. These actions put an enormous amount of pressure on your nerves that are located close to the skin surface. If you feel a tingling sensation on the surface of your fingers, then your hands are tired.

Spine Damage:

If your little finger on the left-hand acts strange recently, it could mean something else. It could be the pressure on the nerves in your spine that is causing it.

Lack of Vitamins:

The tingling sensation in the fingers of your left hand or left leg could come as a result of lacking essential vitamins like Vitamin B12, B6, B1, and E.

Buerger’s Disease:

The illness that affects the smokers. The constant inhale of nicotine disrupts the blood flow and leads to lack of vital minerals in your body. This leads to numbness in the fingers and, shortly after that, in your arm as a whole.

Blood Circulation Problems:

The Numbness on your fingertips of your right hand comes due to pressure on the surface nerves or trauma to the shoulder joint or hand. There are certain cardiovascular diseases could also cause this tingling in the right hand.


If you feel a tingling sensation that stretches from your feet all the way up to your arms, you might experience the first signs of diabetes. This situation comes due to the reduction in blood flow in certain areas caused by damage to your nerve fibers and nerve endings.

There you have it. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. You need a doctor to confirm the situation first.

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Source: davidwolfe.com

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