A lot of the beginner workouts online are just not for REAL beginners – the ones who haven’t worked out for a while (or never) and start from scratch.

The reason why it’s so hard to find a good complete beginner workout is that the trainers themselves are not complete beginners and there are many more levels of fitness than a just beginner, intermediate or advanced.

After all, there are

  • the beginners who aren’t overweight, but are just starting to exercise;
  • the beginners who have been doing different kinds of exercises and are new to a type of sport;
  • and then there are beginners who struggle with overweight and need to start from scratch.


So my criteria when I was making this plan, was how my mom would do with these workouts.

She’s been struggling with overweight for decades now and while she loves to dance, a high-intensity dance workout that’s gonna help me lose weight and get fit, would be WAY too challenging for her.

In fact, in the past, I’ve done several workouts with her (or at least I tried) – she would get out of breath during the warm up and then she would just give up.

She also has no idea what Pilates or yoga is and thinks those are boring (can’t blame her – it was my opinion for a while too).

That’s why I went on youtube and found some exercise routines for a complete beginner like my mom. With these workouts, you will be challenged, but able to finish them all while having fun.

And even if you can’t finish all exercises – nothing to worry about! With practice and patience, you’ll get there.


Now, in this workout plan, you’ll have a day of cardio, followed by a day of toning.

Every day, back to back.

The seventh day is stretching.

It’s important to have different types of movements, so you get the benefits of them all – building strength, improving your cardiovascular health & mood and reducing pain.

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