So, you’re hitting the gym regularly and eating more healthy than ever, but you still can’t see any change in your tummy pooch? It’s super frustrating, I know! But don’t worry, it’s likely that you’re sabotaging the fit and toned figure you dream because of these lifestyle habits.

Check out this list of the 30 common mistakes women make which can destroy your weight loss progress:

  • Reaching For Soda When Thirsty

Just a single glass of soda or other sweetened beverage can contribute to weight gain, especially in the abdominal area. Drink water infused with fresh fruit, herbs, and vegetables, instead of drinking juice or soda for breakfast or when you feel thirsty.

  • Eating Chinese Or Japanese Food Without Chopsticks

Eating with a fork means you’re eating a lot quicker than you would with chopsticks. Eating slowly promotes consuming fewer calories. No chopsticks? No problem! You just try and hold the fork with your non-dominant hand to produce a similar effect. Cool tip right?

  • Grabbing Late-Night Cupcake Treats

Cupcakes are sugar-laden treats that aren’t friends to your abs. A cupcake can pack approximately 20 grams of sugar which contributes to additional stomach fat. Try replacing them with some healthier snacks.

Sarah-Jane Bedwell, RD, LDN, shared a secret with us – most of the gluten-free bread has twice the carbs of whole-wheat bread because they are made from refined grains, such as white rice flour. If you need to eat gluten-free bread look for one made with a mixture of whole grains and seeds, like amaranth and millet.

Eating mini meals such as two squares of dark chocolate, a handful of almonds or a stack of multigrain crackers is not always the best option for speeding up your metabolism. Lisa Hayim, MS, RD, and founder of The Well Necessities says that although those meals control the appetite, eating more than three times a day can have an impact on your total food intake. So, always make sure that the small meals are light and within the needed caloric intake.

  • Avoiding Apples And Bananas

Cutting bananas and apples off of your menu is a mistake. The potassium found in them de-bloats the body naturally and their natural sugar acts differently than added sugars. So, don’t say “No, thank you” to apples or bananas anymore.

The recommended alcohol consumption for a woman is one glass of 5 ounces a day -definitely not the size of an Olivia Pope’s glass which holds up to 23 oz! A glass of wine has 120 calories and your body burns alcohol calories first to get them out of your system as fast as possible. This means that food calories are put on hold, making it harder for you to lose weight. And, of course, alcohol stimulates your appetite, making you eat more with each sip.

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