Mountain pose – Tadasana

This is the most basic pose, yet it’s very important to set a steady foundation. This is a great way to start your practice. It is also a great pose to come back to during your practice to focus and turn awareness inwards.
How to do it.
Stand with your feet close together, let your big toes touch and your heels be slightly apart. Feel the weight evenly between your feet. Bend your knees slightly, draw your lower belly in and straighten your back. Lift your chest up and roll your shoulders away from your ear. Try to draw your shoulder blades slightly together. Lower your cheek towards your chest to make the back of the neck long. Take some deep breaths and connect to your bandhas.

Standing forward fold – Uttanasana

This asana opens up the back of the legs and is relaxing for the back. It’s a simple, but strong asana for the back of the legs, so careful with the back of your thighs in this asana, and always go in and out of it carefully and with awareness.
How to do it.
From Tadasana, step hip width apart, puts your hands on your hips, straighten your back and lift your chest, and on an exhalation fold down from your hips with a straight back. Bend your knees as much as you need to to keep the back long and straight. Engage UDDI yana Bandha by drawing your navel towards your back, this will set your back in a better position. Fold all the way down. Put your hands on a block, on your lower legs, feet or toes. Keep your shoulders away from your ears, and let your head come down towards the floor. Wiggle your head from side to side if you feel the tension in your neck.


This little vinyasa sequence is a perfect way to warm up the spine and the chest before going into more challenging poses and deeper backbends. It is also a great way to set a nice foundation with your hands to the floor as a preparation for arm balances (which might be a goal in the future!).
How to do it.
Stand on all fours, knees hip width apart right under your hips, and hands shoulder width apart right under your shoulders. Start on an inhalation by lifting your chest and your gaze up towards the ceiling.  Let your belly be heavy and your back arch. Draw your shoulder blades towards each other. Exhale and push your hands and knees towards the floor, look towards your navel and curve your back I the opposite direction, towards the ceiling. Stretch your shoulder blades from each other. Repeat a couple of times, following your breath.

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