According to the latest statistics, the most common cancers in 2017 are projected to be breast cancer, lung and bronchus cancer, prostate cancer, colon and rectum cancer, bladder cancer, melanoma of the skin, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, thyroid cancer, kidney and renal pelvis cancer, leukemia, endometrial cancer, and pancreatic cancer. The experts claim that breast, colon, endometrial, lung, cervical, skin and ovarian cancer are some of the cancers that most often affect women. Ladies, this means that you should be very careful and don’t ignore these warning signs:

1. Breast Changes
If you feel a lump, you shouldn’t ignore it, even if your mammogram is normal! If your nipple gets scaly or starts âaking, that could indicate Paget’s disease of the nipple, which is linked to underlying cancer in about 95% of cases. Any milky or bloody nipple discharge should also be checked out. And, one last thing – if you notice dimpling of the skin over the breast, particularly if it looks like the skin on an orange, you should see your doctor immediately.

2. Irregular Bleeding
Once you hit menopause (deáned as 12 months without a period), any postmenopausal bleeding is a warning sign. Any bleeding, staining, little drops on your underwear, or big clots are abnormal and should be immediately investigated.

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3. Rectal Bleeding
Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in women. One of the hallmarks is rectal bleeding, which many people link to hemorrhoids, the most common cause. Red or dark blood in your stool warrants a visit to
your doctor.

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